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Crystal Therapy :: Amazonite
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Crystal Therapy :: Amazonite

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Soothing + Flow + Truth-Telling

Amazonite is an extremly soothing stone. It aids in communication and encourages you to speak your truth. 


Name Origin: Amazonite is named after the Amazon River in South America

 USA, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, India

 Blue, green

Chakra: Throat
Meaning: named after the Amazon River, amazonite alleviates worry, fear and dispels negative energy; therefore, helping to restore your spirit to its most serene state

How can I use it?

There is no right or wrong way to incorporate crystals into your life but you can try the suggestions below to see what supports you. 

Carry it with you: to aid in communication, especially before that big presentation, audition, or for in-the-moment inspiration 

Meditate with it: to dig deep for truths and inspiration. 

In the home: place in your home to help encourage a soothing and tranquil atmosphere

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