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Crystal Therapy :: Labradorite
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Crystal Therapy :: Labradorite

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Welcome back to our 'Crystal Therapy' series where we highlight the stones we use here at The Beautiful Nomad (find out more about Rose Quartz here). We love being able to wear a piece of this magical planet and hope that you cherish your talisman for years to come!

Today we'll be talking about the most magical and mystical stone- Labradorite


Name Origin: 'Labradorite' originates from the location where this beautiful stone was found- the east coast of the Labrador Peninsula in Canada (go Canada!) in the early 19th century. The suffix 'ite' denotes the forming of a name, so 'Labradorite' is a stone of Labrador.

Typically in Canada, but also found around the world- including Russia, the USA and Finland. 

Labradorite comes in a variety of colours including pale green, blue, grey-white, brownish, yellow and colourless. It can be dark, until in catches the light, and then you notice the iridescent blue, grey or yellow flashes!

Chakra: Third Eye
Meaning: is a highly mystical and protective stone that deflects any unwanted energy. Let the colour remind you of the natural beauty of the cosmos.

How can I use it?

Carry it with you: to help protect and ground your energy forcing you to become self aware

Meditate with it: to explore the Universe, labradorite is a lightning rod of inspiration and curiosity

In the home: place in your home to help with protection and ward off negative energy

Fun Fact!

Legend says that the Northern Lights are held within labradorite, giving it it's recognizable flash! Too cool!

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Crystal Meanings- Labradorite