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Morning Rituals

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Rituals are the beautiful practices we do to connect us back to ourselves. With the fullness of every day life, especially as an entrepreneur, rituals are a simple yet beautiful way to become more centred.

These are the types of things I typically do at the start of my day but also if I need a reset. I find incorporating these practices brings intention to the way I operate, and therefore, starts my day out right.

Running & the Gym: I like to got to the gym about 3 times a week, I have to do it first thing in the morning otherwise it won't get done. Anything thing that combines some resistance and cardio I like- the cross trainer and walking on a steep incline especially. 

Meditation: I spend about 10 minutes every morning meditating. Sometimes I'll use mala beads, this one is my favourite right now. Other times I feel like I need a guided meditation, I love the Headspace app for this. Meditating encourages you to stay in the present moment throughout the day. Try to remind yourself to stay in the physical body and notice/feel each movement you make. Coming back to the present interrupts the cycle of emotion feeling thoughts. The more we try to stay present throughout the day, the more negative thoughts can't control us. 

Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar & Hot Water: having lemon and hot water first thing in the morning is great for gently detoxing the body and getting your metabolism going. I don't drink coffee so this is something I really look forward to in the morning. Recently I started adding about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which really helps to ward off bloating throughout the day (it can take a second to get used to the taste though!).

B12 & Probiotics: I've been vegetarian for almost 4 years now (best decision I made for my health!). Because B12 is mostly found in meat and dairy products I take a supplement, it helps with energy, metabolism and the formation of healthy blood cells. This is the one I like to take- it's in spray form and is compromised of organic fruits and veggies. I also take a daily probiotic- note that this one was recommended to me personally by my naturopath. 

Diffuser: I use my diffuser almost everyday, Saje and Vitruvi are my favourites for essential oils and oil blends. My favourite combo at the moment is combining eucalyptus and sweet orange- it smells so good as a pick-me-up in the morning. 

Face Mists & Roller Balls: I loveee a good face mist- not only is it good for your skin but it's so refreshing throughout the day. Here is my current go-to. I also love roller balls made with essential oils Saje does a really great bundle as seen here (my favourite is the peppermint halo & sleep well). I also really like Harlow's Soothing roller ball- it's so nice put on the temples after too much screen time or right before bed!

Chocolate Cravings: I know there are 'healthy', vegan, dark chocolate bars you can get but I don't have the discipline to eat only a piece a day- once it's open, thats the end of it! If I'm craving something mid-afternoon I make a chocolate smoothie using Vega's Chocolate Protein Powder. I combine the powder with almond milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds and a scoop of nut butter- and it's delicious and filling. If I'm craving something at night I've recently been loving It's Blume's Tumeric and Cacao latte mix. It has nutmeg, cinnamon and ashwangda - super relaxing before bed!

"What is the basic nutrition for the soul? Well, it differs from creature to creature, but here are some combinations. Consider them psychic macrobiotics. 

For some women air, night, sunlight and trees are necessities. For others, words, paper and books are the only things that satiate. For others, colour, form, shadow, and clary are the absolutes. Some women must leap, bow, and run, for their souls crave dance. Yet others crave only a tree-leaning peace...
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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