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Summer Stones
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Summer Stones

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Summer Stones- crystals to take you from sun to sea

I am a Summer girl through and through- I live for the sunshine, the ocean and long hours of daylight. While I do like Fall and Winter- cold and dreary weather takes it out of me, especially living in the Pacific North West. So now that we are nearing long, sun-soaked Summer days (YAY) here are my three crystal picks to bring you warmth and relaxation!

I would say that Citrine is the ultimate Summer stone and currently my personal favourite. Known as the 'sunshine stone', citrine carries the warming and energizing power of the sun- too cool! Another fun fact is that this stone doesn't need cleansing as it is able to dissipate negative energy on its own. It is such a happy stone that encourages generosity while also appreciating the importance of holding on to what's your own. 

warming - energizing - invigorating

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Summertime provides opportunities for endless relaxation thanks to the warmth of the sun and healing ocean waves. Amazonite follows this theme with its soothing nature. It helps to alleviate worry and fear, meaning carefree summer days are right at your finger tips!

soothing - calming - 

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Quartz is the most powerful healer and 'energy amplifier' within the crystal kingdom- so it's always a great one to always have on hand. If you're just beginning your crystal journey quartz should be the first one on the list!

Not only does quartz bring a calming, healing energy but it is also known to be 'programmable'. This means in addition to amplifying your own energy it can also amplify the attributes of other crystals it's paired with. 

healing - energy amplifier - purifying

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