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Crystal Decor: How to use Crystals in your Home

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A Room by Room Guide 

Crystals and stone decor aren't just for making your home Instagram-level dreamy! Decorating with them can help transform your home into a magic-filled sanctuary. When choosing crystals for your home I would foremost recommend what you are visually attracted to, don't worry too much about what your 'supposed to feel'. Crystals are natures pieces of art and when we bring them into our home we are bringing a piece a piece of the Earth in as well- to create a more nurturing environment. 

* be mindful that coloured crystals can fade in direct sunlight*

For your Office: Citrine
Citrine is all about abundance- have a long list of goals and dreams? This stone is for the super-achievers and daydreamers. It's a must-have for workspaces to help creative ideas flow brightly. 

Other great choices: smoky quartz for communication

For the Bedroom: Rose Quartz
Ah, rose quartz is of course the ultimate love stone, it's soft pink colour gives off a gentle, nourishing energy. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels, love for oneself, family, friends, the Earth. A very comforting way to use rose quartz is to place it on your bedside table, under the mattress, or below the four corners of your bed so that you literally surround yourself with love! 

Other great choices: celestite & moonstone for sleep and peaceful dreams

For the Kitchen: Calcite
The kitchen is the centre of the home and is meant to be warm and inviting. To enhance this mood I would recommend using orange or yellow calcite. The colours alone are already nourishing and energizing, but calcite is also known as the 'cleansing stone' and emits a soft, gentle energy. 

Other great choices: clear quartz & selenite to empower healthy choices

For the Living Room: Selenite
Using selenite in the living room is a great way to inspire light, vibrancy and relaxation. It looks great placed on a windowsill and because its normally found in a flat, rectangular shape you can also place other crystals on top of it to cleanse them!

Other great choices: smoky quartz for communication

For your Front Entrance: Labradorite
Labradorite is a highly protective stone, place it in your front entryway to ward off negative energy. It also helps to release any bad habits or intentions. Essentially it will 'wash off' anything from the outside that you don't want to bring inside. 

Other great choices: black tourmaline for protection and negative energy release

For the Bathroom: Clear Quartz
Of course the bathroom is all about health and self-care, so I would recommend the ultimate healing stone, which is clear quartz. It would be beautiful placed near the bathtub, where it can mirror the clarity and cleansing of water but for the mind rather than body. 

Other great choices: calcite, celestite & selenite for cleansing 

Other natural ways to cleanse your home

  • Lighting palo santo
  • Diffusing essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree or any citrus scent
  • Meditate to keep your energy happy and healthy!


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