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Vancouver, BC

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Crystal Overview

The first time I remember buying a crystal was probably around the age of 10- I was in Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island. My brother and I were on vacation with our grandparents on their boat and we docked at the harbour there. There was (and still is!) a gemstone store right by the marina that we ventured into. I remember getting a vial that you could fill up with a bunch of raw, tiny crystals- amethyst, quartz, pyrite. I loved all the colours and intricacies and thought it was so cool that it came from the Earth!

With thousands of years of evolution, something so enduring right from the Earth, these stones can add so much meaning into our daily lives.

Ancient belief was that crystals were the bones of Mother Earth. Grown from molten rock deep within the Earth, crystals are formed when the molten rock gradually cools and forms orderly, geometric patterns.

It's the crystal's regular and repeated pattern that gives it it's unique ability to absorb, store, generate and transmit energy. This makes them perfect for healing
and manifestation.
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Wearing Crystals

Wearing crystals gives meaning to your jewelry. It's your talisman and armour, it's how you go out into the world- your intention. With jewelry you can take that 'vibration' everywhere- carrying it within a crystal, such a beautiful form. 

Crystals are a personal journey. The meanings that different pieces carry can vary for everyone. 

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