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Using your Mala

 These beautiful beads are used to set intentions, mediate, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy! They encourage us to pause and breath while motivating us to invest moments of self-care and compassion.

Setting Intentions

At the Beautiful Nomad our Mala beads act as touchstone pieces for setting intentions using beautiful gemstones. They are also a reminder to live with love and passion!

Setting Intentions is a practice where we declare our hopes and goals- your Mala beads act as the physical medium through which we instill those intentions during meditation. 

Reflect what are your dreams and goals? What are you seeking? Set your intention in the present moment, instead of saying, “I will be happy once I have (blank) “, say simply “I am happy".

Adorn as you wear your Mala, let it serve as a gentle reminder to live in the present moment throughout the day.


Mala beads help keep us in the present moment during meditation. They provide something physical to come back to when your mind starts to wander (which happens to everyone!!). Sidenote- it isn’t important how many times your mind wanders, what is important is the times you come back to the present moment. : )

Rolling the beads through your fingers is a physical way to direct your attention and energy. It’s a gentle reminder to reground and refocus.

Holding your Mala hold your necklace in your dominant hand with the tassel facing towards you. Starting with the bead to the right of the guru bead, begin turning each bead individually with your thumb and middle finger. The knots between each bead are meant to help ease the practice of moving from bead to bead.

How to use Mala Beads

Breathe once you have the movement down you can start to layer in the breath. On each bead, take a deep inhale and exhale, then move on to the next bead. Feel free to stay at this point and make your way around the 108 beads if you prefer to focus on your breath rather than adding a mantra.

Mantra for each bead, in rhythm with your breath, repeat your mantra in your head. For example if your mantra/intention is “I am strong”, inhale “I am”, exhale “strong”. Continue to make your way around the 108 beads.

Your mind will wander, and when it does you may feel like judging yourself. But, the best thing about meditation is that it is a gentle practice. Simply acknowledge that you had some thoughts and come back to the present moment. A wandering mind does not mean you are a bad meditator. Meditation isn’t about eliminating thoughts; rather it’s about creating more space between yourself and how you relate to your thoughts. Your Mala is a tactile guide on that journey, but remember that meditation is a practice and treat yourself with patience and love on those hard days.

If you are completely new to meditation, I would recommend the HeadSpace app- this is how I started!

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How to use Mala Beads for Meditation | Meditation for Beginners