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Clarity Mala Pendant Necklace


The Clarity Mala Pendant Necklace is hand-knotted with 6mm Smoky Quartz gemstone beads, 14k gold fill beads, and features a 14k St. Christopher pendant.

As the patron saint of travelers, St Christopher will keep you and your loved ones safe wherever in the world you may be.

Smoky QuartzAs a powerful anchoring stone, Smoky Quartz helps you gain clarity and insight on your purpose. Let it support you in feeling safe, secure and grounded within that purpose.
  • This Mala contains the traditional 108 beads 
  • Necklace hangs approximately 15 inches long
  • Gemstone beads are approximately 6mm
  • Handmade in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • This necklace comes with an accompanying 'meaning' card and a Beautiful Nomad cotton bag

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