We are so excited to welcome you to our fresh new website! While we still love the previous one, it’s the one I started the brand with three years ago and it was time for an upgrade. Since we launched, The Beautiful Nomad has evolved and grown and it was time for the website to represent that!

Besides the overall appearance of the website, the biggest change lies in navigation. We have now introduced a new way to search for your perfect mala necklace or bracelet. Those familiar with The Beautiful Nomad know that our pieces are named after the meanings of the gemstones used and the feelings they evoke! To draw upon and enhance this further we are introducing a new navigation method we call ‘Search by Meaning.

It is our hope that this new feature will help our customers find and connect with their perfect piece in a more enjoyable and engaging way. What our new website allows us to do is create ‘macro-meanings’ that will provide the first step in the right direction: they are Uplift, Unwind, Spirit and Strength. Within these four meanings/categories you will find all of our pieces and a taste of the inspiration behind them. We found that categorizing our collection in this way was surprisingly easy as most of the gemstone meanings gravitated together.

But of course the good ol’ ‘Shop All’ tab is still available if you just want to dive in head first.

And we are taking this even further people! Within each product description you can now read about the inspiration behind each piece along with an accompanying Pinterest board so that you can really connect with the feeling and vibe of that piece.

Searching for a meaningful, great quality piece of jewelry online can be hard. By adding nuances of imagination and inspiration throughout the site we hope to evoke a feeling in every customer that will help them connect with their piece even better than before!

Other perks to the new site- we are now super-duper mobile friendly and have an awesome integrated blog. At The Beautiful Nomad we hope to be more than a jewelry line- rather a place to learn and be inspired.

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