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Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

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Moonstone Pendant Mala with Moon Charm

Uplift Collection

A collection of gemstones to brighten and energize
Rose Quartz Mala Necklace

Love Mala Necklace

Moonstone Mala Bracelet

Renewal Mala Bracelet

Peace Jade Mala Bracelet

Dream Mala Bracelet

Citrine Mala Bracelet

Abundance Mala Bracelet

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Love Mala Bracelet

Sunstone Mala Bracelet

Warmth Mala Bracelet

Moonstone Mala Necklace

Renewal Mala Pendant Necklace

Peace Jade Mala Necklace

Dream Mala Necklace

peace jade pendant mala necklace

Dream Mala Pendant Necklace

Sunstone mala necklace

Warmth Mala Necklace

Warmth Mala Pendant Necklace Out of stock

Warmth Mala Pendant Necklace

Moonstone mala necklace

Renewal Mala Necklace

Citrine Mala Bead Necklace Out of stock

Abundance Mala Necklace

Rose Quartz Pendant Mala

Love Mala Pendant Necklace