The Most Beautiful Tool for Support and Comfort

Mala beads/meditation beads/prayer beads are used to set intentions, meditate with, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy!

Above all, they encourage us to pause, breathe, and to invest in moments of self-care and compassion.


Historically, the use of ‘mala beads’ in particular, appears to have originated around the 8th century B.C.E in India. For thousands of years, these beads have been used in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga. The word ‘Mala’ actually translates to ‘garland’ in Sanskrit. 

Very similar prayer/meditation beads have been used for generations across many ancient cultures throughout the world. Such as in China, Japan, Korea and across Europe. The word ‘bead’ is actually derived from an Anglo-Saxon word bede which means ‘prayer’.

Needless to say, there is a long, global history of using strung beads to connect on a more spiritual level. To this day, they are still worn and used as mindfulness tools!

Components of a Mala

108 Beads

Malas are traditionally tied with 108 beads and a Guru bead. The Guru is the central bead which the other beads encircle, much like planets orbiting the sun.

Guru Bead

The guru bead is the large focal bead that hangs below the 108 beads. It is the central start and end point of the mala and represents the ‘gurus’ in our lives: parents, teachers, mentors etc.

Tassel or Pendant

The tassel or pendant symbolizes enlightenment and oneness with the universe. It pulls together the individual energies of the gemstones to create a cohesive and balanced whole.


How to Meditate with your Mala

✨ Step 1:​ Hold the first gemstone bead (the one right above the pendant/tassel) between your middle finger and thumb. Use the middle finger to hold your mala steady and use your thumb to move through each bead. 

✨​ Step 2:​ As you move through each bead you can either recite a mantra (for example: "I am peaceful"), or you can simply focus on inhaling/exhaling on each bead.

✨​ Step 3:​ Then, simply make your way around the necklace. When you notice your mind starting to wander just come back to your mala. It acts as a focal point to keep you in the present moment.

✨​ Step 4:​ Once you're done notice how much more grounded, peaceful, and at ease you feel. 

✨​ Step 5:​ You can then wear your mala as you go throughout your day. Each gemstone carries a different intention and energy, let them serve as a reminder of how you wish to show up in the world. It's an offering of both comfort and empowerment. 

✨ Consciously slowing down and deepening your breath, lets your body and mind know it's okay to trust in the present moment ✨

Staying in the Present

Mala beads can help keep us centred in the present moment while we meditate. They provide something physical to come back to when your mind starts to wander (which happens to everyone!). Above all,  it isn’t important how many times your mind wanders, but how many times you come back to the present moment.

Rolling the beads through your fingers is a physical way to direct your attention and energy. It’s a gentle reminder to reground and refocus.

labradorite mala pendant necklace