The Beautiful Nomad exists to promote joyful living through meditation, intention-setting, or other daily rituals using our gemstone mala beads.

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Meet Jessica | Our Founder

Jessica started The Beautiful Nomad in 2015 out of her home in Vancouver, BC. Stringing magical gemstones that have such a beautiful look and energy. To this day, every design comes from Jessica- "I want to create jewelry that evokes feelings of calm, ease, and inspired purpose- while also being beautiful to wear and hold."

Our business is still family run, with Jessica's husband Dan, joining as co-owner in 2019. And Hannah, our amazing assistant, joining in 2020.

Along the way we have worked with some incredible brands and publications such as: Tatler Magazine, Hudson's Bay, Lululemon, BC Living, and the Vancouver Sun.

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Jewelry for the Soul

The Beautiful Nomad grew from a passion of art, finding peace, joy and creativity in everyday moments, and, appreciating the natural world around us. 

As part of our commitment to ensure you can shop with confidence, we are continuously reviewing and updating our gemstone sourcing, packaging and processes to be kinder to the planet.


Responsible Gemstone Sourcing

We buy all of our supplies in North America, the majority being from Canada. We work with and support a wonderful group of small suppliers. The relationship we have built with them allows for guaranteed, beautiful quality gemstones.

Our suppliers are highly committed to being socially responsible and minimizing environmental impact. Doing things like protecting water sources from sediment and debris, planting trees and providing above market wages and healthcare to employees.

We will always choose to purchase high-end designer quality stones over low-grade cheaper stones. Quality over quantity always. 

FSC Certified

Our Thoughtful Packaging

Our packaging is completely eco-friendly and certified by the 'Forest Stewardship Council' - being sourced from a forest/supply chain that is managed sustainably and responsibly.

The paper products are even made from acid free paper, meaning they won't leave any chemicals behind when decomposing. Plus, the ink used is soy-based rather than petroleum-based!

Made in Canada

All Beautiful Nomad jewelry products are handmade in-house in beautiful Vancouver, BC - allowing for strict quality control.

riverstone mala pendant necklace with dragonfly pendant

Unmatched Quality

Each gemstone bead is handpicked for it's beauty and energy. Paired with precious metal accents of either sterling silver or 14k gold-fill.

Jewelry with Meaning

Above all, these beautiful gemstone beads encourage us to pause, breathe, and invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

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