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Beautiful, unique treasures

The finest gemstone mala beads to meditate with, bring inner-peace, and honour your intentions.

Over 700 5-star Reviews

Stunning and Radiant

I had an instant connection when I saw this Mala. Almost like my guardian angel gifted it to me. So grateful and blessed to have found this beautiful piece. Thank you, I’ll be a repeat customer. - Nicole V.

Proud to Give this Gift

My BFFs reaction to opening this gift was so awesome. It made me feel so good for picking something so special for her ❤️ - Amy F

Meaningful Jewelry

The quality is outstanding, the craftsmanship is beautiful and the beads are gorgeous. The necklaces feel soothing in the hands and the bracelets are reminders of my different intentions everyday. -Kari B.

Jewelry for the soul

What Are Malas?

Our Gemstone Mala beads are used to set intentions, meditate with, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy!

Historically, for thousands of years, malas have been used in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Similar prayer and meditation beads have been used for generations across many cultures, and to this day, they are still worn and used as mindfulness tools.

Above all, these beautiful beads encourage us to pause, breathe, and invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

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Come back to the present

How to use your Mala

Use the gemstone beads on your necklace to count your breathes or recite your mantra as you meditate. The beads act as a beautiful tool to keep your attention on the present moment.

Each gemstone carries a different intention. Wear your beads throughout the day as a little reminder of how you wish to show up in this world and what you want to manifest. It's an offering of both comfort and empowerment. ✨

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Meet the Designer

We are a family run business, founded by artist and designer, Jessica Buell. Driven by her passion to bring comfort, joy, and inner-peace to her customer’s day, she creates fine gemstone beaded jewelry inspired by meditation and  the natural world. 

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More About The Beautiful Nomad

Made in Canada

All Beautiful Nomad jewelry products are handmade in-house and by the sea in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Responsibly Sourced

Our gemstone suppliers are highly committed to being socially responsible and minimizing environmental impact.

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Unmatched Quality

Being an online-only company allows us to sell our hand-picked, high quality gemstone jewelry at a reasonable price.

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