About the Brand

Welcome to The Beautiful Nomad

The Beautiful Nomad is a handmade, gemstone jewelry company based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2015, our concept is rooted in west coast living- wellness and nature. 

Our vision is to inspire healthy and mindful living in a way that works best for you through self-care practices; together with, creating something beautiful and enduring from the earth- gemstones can add so much meaning into our daily lives. 

"Ancient belief was that crystals were the bones of Mother Earth..."

Our meditation beads act as touchstone pieces for setting intentions using beautiful gemstones. They are also a reminder to live with love and passion! The natural beauty and sacred properties of gemstones are coupled with a modern look- meaning each piece of meditation jewelry is both attractive and purposeful.

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the internet- I hope this space acts as a place to inspire and be inspired. 

About the Designer

Hi there! My name is Jessica Buell and I'm the founder, designer and co-owner (along with my husband!) of The Beautiful Nomad. I grew up in sunny Tsawwassen, a coastal suburb just outside of Vancouver where my love for nature and outdoors was fostered. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood include boating, exploring the beach, playing in the backyard with my brother and Saturday night BBQ's!

A love for the outdoors was coupled with a passion for creative work- whether that be through painting, fashion or taking art history classes. This lead me to graduating from University with a Fashion Marketing diploma and a BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and hence The Beautiful Nomad was born!