What makes us different?

We keep it simple: With our designs and business philosophy. We’re always looking to pair things back to the essentials while also providing the highest quality- that’s why the majority of our malas are made up of purely one gemstone with precious accents used to highlight.

High Quality: All of our gemstones are A-AAA graded, completely natural, and untreated. Our pieces are all hand-knotted - an authentic part of a mala that allows easy movement between the beads while meditating. 

Vegan Friendly: Traditionally, Malas are strung on silk and feature a silk tassel. But at The Beautiful Nomad we like to use nylon for hand-knotting our stones, its much more durable and won’t stretch over time. For our handmade tassels we use cotton thread.

Made in Vancouer, BC: we make every piece of jewelry from our Vancouver home, this allows for strict quality control and assurance that every piece meets our high standards.

Where do your stones come from?

We buy all of our supplies in North America, the majority being from Canada. We work with and support a wonderful group of small suppliers. The relationship we have built with them allows for guaranteed, beautiful quality gemstones.

Our suppliers are highly committed to being socially responsible and minimizing environmental impact. Doing things like protecting water sources from sediment and debris, planting trees and providing above market wages and healthcare to employees.

We will always choose to purchase high-end designer quality stones over low-grade cheaper stones. Quality over quantity always. 

Do you do custom work?

No we don't take any custom orders. However, if you need help choosing the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one feel free to reach out to me directly at jessica@thebeautifulnomad.com!

Do you have a retail location or sell to retailers?

No, we are primarily an online business. By selling directly to the customer (you!) we are able to keep our prices reasonable for such high quality gemstones. :)


How to keep your tassel in tip-top shape?

If your tassel is looking a little well-loved, lightly dampen it with water and straighten the threads out. If there are little fuzzies that gather on the end just trim carefully with sharp scissors. Once dry, your tassel should look good as new!

How should I care for my Beautiful Nomad piece?

Beaded work jewelry can be delicate, so when getting dressed it should be the last piece on and the first to take off. Also, avoid immersing in water and leaving out in high temperatures.

To cleanse your gemstone pieces simply use (ethically-sourced) palo santo or sage. Or, leave by a windowsill to soak up some sunlight or moonlight. Note- don't leave your gemstones out in the sun too frequently as the gemstone colour will fade with time. 

To keep the precious metals looking shiny and new, store in a sealed bag. If they begin to tarnish simply use a polishing cloth. 

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or comments on The Beautiful Nomad’s policies please do not hesitate to send us an email at info@thebeautifulnomad.com or use the Contact form here. We answer emails Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm PST.


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